Why I Switched to Cloth Pads

Why I Switched to Cloth Pads

I used to be like most people, reaching for disposable pads (or tampons) every month without a second thought. After deciding I wasn't going to return to work once my mat leave was over, I had to figure out ways to cut costs. Disposable period products are EXPENSIVE!! I had heard about the cup which I decided to try out first. It didn't work 100% for me, so I was back to searching for a cheaper alternative. That's when I discovered reusable menstrual cloth pads.

Making the switch to cloth pads was a bit daunting at first, but I quickly realized how easy they are to use and care for. Plus, they are much more comfortable than disposable pads. They are made of breathable fabric and can be adjusted to fit your body.

Another benefit of using cloth pads is the cost savings. Sure, the initial investment may be higher, but they can be used for several years, which in the long run can save you a lot of money.

But the biggest benefit for me has been the peace of mind that comes with knowing I am reducing my environmental impact, saving money and choosing a healthier option for my body. 

If you're on the fence about making the switch to cloth pads, I highly recommend giving them a try. You won't regret it.

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