Q: How can I order if I don't see any stock on the website?

A: I restock the website on a regular basis. If there is no stock, it simply means I'm sold out and quickly working on more products to offer you! Please be patient and check back. You can also follow us on IG Lady Crimson - Cloth Pads (@ladycrimsonclothemporium) • Instagram photos and videos  to find out the latest news on restocks!

Q: Do you do customs?

A: No I do not. Unfortunately, because I am the only person sewing, I cannot offer customs. 

Q: Do you offer kits?

A: Yes. I at times have ready to ship kits available on the website. But it isn't always an available option. I try to make kits every 2-3 months. check our platforms like Instragram and Tiktok for any upcoming restocks on kits. 

Q: My Great Grand-Ma used material during her period. Why would I want to do that too?

A: Way back before disposable menstrual products were invented, we would use rags as a pad. They would cut the fabric into strips and fold them up to create an absorbent cushion. They'd wash it afterwards and reuse them again.  Now-a-days, it's a little more fancy! But it still comes down to washing and reusing them. It's one of the main reasons menstruators have gone back to this method. Eliminating so much waste in your life is extremely important seeing how you'll have your period for an average of 360 times in you life. That's a lot of trash! 

Q: I have to wash those bloody pads afterwards?! Eww!

A: Yup. You do. But honestly, it's not that bad! There are many ways of going about washing without actually touching blood, or hardly anyway. You can pre rinse the pads before putting them in the washing machine if you want. But we like to toss them straight into the wash for a short wash with oxyclean, then a regular wash, bulked up with other clothes. 

Q: There is no way the fabric can soak up the blood and not leak.

A: For the most part, cloth pads are just as absorbent as the disposables. On occasion, just like with the toss-aways, you'll get a leak. This doesn't mean the cloth pad doesn't work. It simply means you either waited too long before changing, your period is too heavy for the absorbency level you have on, or the shape isn't the right one for you. 

Q: I have a weak bladder. Can cloth pads be used for incontinence?

A: Yes they can! For minor bladder leaks, cloth pads can be used. They are not meant for full emptying of the bladder though. 

Q: How many pads do I need?

A: This is a harder question to answer, simply because everyone has a different period flow and length of cycle. I'd recommend keeping track of how many times you change with dipsosables and then start purchasing with that amount in mind. Switching to cloth doesn't happen in one purchase.  Financially, most people take several months to fully switch. So just start buying when your budget allows it and eventually you'll notice you have enough pads to last an entire cycle. 

Q: I use a cup, but I want to get cloth pads too. Which ones should I get?

A: I recommend the liners or the 8" moderate for cup backup. They're short enough to not be noticed and you really don't feel them. Liners are good if you have a light flow but if you notice that when you leak from your cup, you'd need something a little more absorbent, the 8" moderate will be perfect. 

Q: What's an ILP (Interlabial pad)

A: Interlabial pads are mini pads essentially. They come in leaf and are composed of a topper fabric and an absorbent layer. You can fold or roll them into different shapes and tuck them between your vagina lips. They will catch any minor leaking. When using them with a pad, you can tuck them into your labia or lay them flat onto your pad as a booster. When the booster is tucked into the labia, it will help eliminate the gushing feeling, and also help direct the blood flow more to the centre of the pad. Though not for everyone, these little pads are a great addition to a stash collection. 

Q:Which topper fabric should I get?

A: I offer cotton toppers. These are a cheaper option compared to the pique toppers. Breathable, soft and at times organic. You may find yourself working a little harder on controlling stains, but still a very great fabric option to carry in your stash.

I offer pique toppers, which is a performance fabric similar to workout clothes. It's a breathable, wicking, stain resistant fabric. Perfect for cloth pads. It's soft and the prints don't fade!

I offer minky topped pads. This fabric is also stain resitant, breathable and prints don't fade. It had a great texture which is perfect for gushing and clots. But because of the pil of the fabric, it could cause some to feel warm. So I only offer this fabric in the colder months. 

Other fabrics I carry at times, are Organic Bamboo Velour (OBV), Cotton Velour which also have a texture and have similar benefits to the minky. The difference is these are natural fibers. I hand dye these fabrics and also get them in solid colours. This fabric is also mainly offered in the colder months. 

Q: What do I do when I'm not home? I can't possibly use them at work or on vacation can I?

A: If you're prepared, you have nothing to worry about! You'll need a waterproof bag of some sort. We like makeup bags or small wetbags.  When you need to change, you'll simply bring your little bag with you. Put the dirty one in your bag, and put a clean one on. Once you get home, you'll soak/rinse your pads or store in the main bag as usual and voila! If you're on vacation, and have access to water, you'll do the same wash routine as you would at home. If you don't have access to a washing machine, wash them by hand. Hang/lay them in the shower/bathtub or outside on a tree if your have privacy. 

Q: I heard the term dry storing and wet storing. What does this mean?

A: These terms are used when talking about how you store your pads dirty. Dry storing means you do not rinse your pads after using them. You'll simply stick your dirty pad in a waterproof bag (leave a small crack open for airflow) and you'll wash them after your entire cycle is done. Wet storing is when you'd rinse your pads and then store them in a waterproof bag (leave that crack for airflow again) or a pail/bucket, and you'll wash them in the machine after your entire cycle is done. 

Q: Do you ship internationally? How long does it take to ship?

A: Yes, I do. I'm Canada, and I ship across worldwide. The time it takes will vary, depending on how busy I get. I do my best to quickly get your order sent off, but circumstances out of my control can affect the time it takes to get your order ready and shipped out to you. I always ask for your patience and kindness when waiting for your product to arrive. 

Q: Who's making the Lady Crimson's pads?

A: I (Sophie) am. I sew every single pad that is available. I have someone that traces and cuts my absorbent (core) layer, as well as the hidden flannelette layer. I at times have a helper to pack orders, but aside from that, I'm the one that does everything for the business.