Bubby's Bubbles Stain Remover Bar

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Because life happens and messes are bound to happen when you talk with your hands, Bubby's Bubbles stain remover bar is ready for any household stain. Add water, scrub and rinse! You’ll never know it was even there. For best results, use as soon as the stain happens. Some dried, set-in or old stains may require multiple applications and elbow grease.  check out our stain remover bar guide for the ultimate map on removing specific stains!

~ Does not contain bleach or borax which is better for your clothes and the environment Never tested on animals

Pure vegan

Proudly made in Canada

Unscented Eco-friendly Cloth diaper safe

~ Ingredients Glycerine Sorbitol Coconut oil Citric acid Water Cocamidopropyl betaine Titanium dioxide

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