Kids Cotton mask (Hockey/Darkness and skulls)

Kids Cotton mask (Hockey/Darkness and skulls)

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** This listing is for ONE (1) mask. Picture is showing both sides as it is a reversible mask.

These masks are the tie back style. They'll come with a long stretch string.

These cotton dust masks are NOT for the Corona Virus. 

They are for dust, pollen, smoke, containing your own cough. 
The main reason to want these masks is to stop you from touching your face when you’re out in public. Not all stores are cleaning all the surfaces you may come into contact with. The horrible habit of touching our faces with our hands can be eliminated with these masks. 

Please wash the masks before you wear. 

To use:

Put your clean mask on with clean hands. Make sure it’s pulled over your nose and under your chin. 
Once back home, take the mask off THEN wash your hands. 


Always supervise your child while he or she is wearing a mask.