Holiday Starter Box “Teen addition” PREORDER

Holiday Starter Box “Teen addition” PREORDER

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Boxes are on preorder until November 25th and will be mailed out on December 6th. Shipping is $15.00 and gives you a tracking number. Pick ups are available from December 7th until the 23rd.

We are happy to offer a beautiful starter kit that allows you to try all the fabric we use on a regular basis as well as a few different lengths in pads. 

This kit is good for anyone who has a moderate to heavy period.

It will also include a few items from local makers! 

The box is valued at $100!! It’s such a great gift for someone using cloth pads, unsure about using cloth pads or can’t afford to commit fully! 


Including in the box from us:

1- 8” liner cotton topped 

1 - 8” moderate  cotton topped

1 - 10” moderate pique topped 

1 - 10” heavy minky topped 

1 - 12” heavy minky topped

1 small wet bag

A variety of local items to help you relax and pamper yourself during your time of the month!