ILP - Interlabial Pad (set of 4) Random colours

ILP - Interlabial Pad (set of 4) Random colours

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Note: The colours are picked at random.


Interlabial pads are pieces if fabric folded and placed between the labia to help direct heavy or gushy flow into the pad and not end up with a potential huge mess. They help direct flows that tend to go back or forward and can also be used as a way of catching potential leaks with internal prodection such as cups, disks or even tampons. You can wear them with a pad for an extra boost as well. 

You wash them with your cloth pads. 

Remember to grab the ILP  when sitting down on the toilet to prevent it from falling in.

They come in a set of 4 teardrop shaped. 

Made of hand dyed organic bamboo velour and white flannel.

You can fold your ILP in many different ways. 

Check out this video for ideas. 

(4605) How to use an interlabial pad (ILP) - YouTube

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