**Pre Order ** School Print Mask With Window

**Pre Order ** School Print Mask With Window

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** This is to pre order this print. You can expect up to a 2 weeks wait. We will contact you once ready if you choose pick up, and you will get a shipped email once your order is shipped if you chose that. At checkout, you will have the choice of lettermail shipping for free which can take 2-9 weeks to arrive or tracked for $15.00. 
Please refrain for contacting us with updates.  With school around the corner, we will be busy bees, sewing and getting these masks out to you ASAP!!

*** This listing is for ONE (1) mask. The picture shows that these have a window so you can see the persons mouth. 

These cotton dust masks are NOT for the Corona Virus. 

They are for dust, pollen, smoke, containing your own cough and allowing anyone who needs to read lips able to do so with ease. 

The main reason to want these masks is to stop you from touching your face when you’re out in public. Not all stores are cleaning all the surfaces you may come into contact with. The horrible habit of touching our faces with our hands can be eliminated with these masks. 

Please wash the masks before you wear. Machine wash in cold (not hot or you’ll melt the plastic), lay flat to dry or tumble dry for 10-15 minutes. (Do not put in hot dryer or you’ll melt the plastic)

To use:

Put your clean mask on with clean hands. Make sure it’s pulled over your nose and under your chin. 
Once back home, take the mask off THEN wash your hands. 

 Always supervise your child while he or she is wearing a mask. 

****There is no risk of suffocating with these masks. The mask is not covering your entire face, nor is it comparable to a bag over your head. Always use common sense and safe practise with children wearing a mask of any type/style. 
These masks are to help those who need to read/see lips to understand. 
Great for nurses, teachers, kids, someone who is hard of hearing etc.