3 Simple Steps. Using Cloth Pads in Public

3 Simple Steps. Using Cloth Pads in Public

One of the main questions we often get is "What do I do with the pads when I'm not home?"  

It's not as scary as some may think. Here are some great tips to help you through this!

1. Get yourself a cute waterproof bag. 

This thing will be your best friend! It'll be wear you store your clean and dirty pads. You can slide a lip balm in there, extra pair of undies, your cup, Kleenex. Anything you've found yourself in need of during that time of the month. 

2. Pad wrappers can help keep things separate.

We offer adorable pad wrappers. Just like the loud wrapper your disposables come in, these will help keep things separate and clean. You can store your clean pads in them. Once you need to change, take the clean one out, fold up the dirty one and put it in the wrapper. Put that in your bag and away you go! Bloody pads do not. I repeat. DO NOT smell. So if you're worried about your cowokers or people passing by you smelling anything, it's not going to happen! (Cool right!!) 

3. Once you get home, rinse... or not! 

The best way to avoid staining, it to rinse the pads as soon as you can. But if you're a busy mom like I am, simply storing them in your home wet bag and leaving them until the end of your period works just as well. Make sure you restock your little traveling bag though before you head out again. 

Follow the above steps and you should be a cloth pad on the go, pro in no time! 


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