Ditch the disposables

Start enjoying your period! Free of chemicals and toxins that can cause discomfort. Ecofriendly and easy to use! A simple rinse, wash and dry.

Why should you be making the switch?

Reusable products have been around for ages. Back in the day, the means to properly take care of them, along with the lack in high tech fabrics made these the less attractive options when disposables came to the market. With reason, it was much easier to use it and toss it. But what they didn't think about were the long term effects this would cause on our wallets, the environment and our health.

When you eliminate harsh chemicals and plastics that the disposables pads have, this can help many menstruators achieve a more positive experience with their period.

By offering fun prints in soft and absorbent fabrics, with no chemicals, no adhesive and ecofriendly, you'll quickly see why more menstruators are ditching disposables and loving reusables again!

Don't take our word for it


Well I barrel raced all weekend and had a great experience with my cloth pads! Washed when I got home and next to no staining. So cool! And ZERO headaches!

Britney E

Ontario, Canada


I'm so impressed with the quality of the pads. The attention to detail is mindblowing. Prints are always super cute and there's a great selection of sizes and absorbency for any type of flow.

Tanya L

Indiana, US


I use to get really bad rashes with disposable pads. I found Lady Crimson on TikTok and after watching a bunch of videos, I realized this was going to be what changed my period.

Lianne P

Pennsylvania, US


First the money saved in the long run of switching to reusable is amazing. With your pads I have never felt more comfortable and confident during my cycle. This has made life way easier since being postpartum because I get to feel back to myself more quickly.

Amanda H

Ontario, Canada


You won't regret switching. I was iffy at first, mainly for the washing part of it all. But it's only not as bad as everyone thinks. Beats a stinky bathroom garbage.

Shelly S

Misouri, US


I was interviewed by Rebecca Nobrega from our local CTV News! Check it out!

More News!!

I got together with Heidi Ulrichsen, to talk about LCCE's pads and other reusable products! 

Lady Crimson Is a Safe and Inclusive Space to Shop!

As a cloth pad business, it is important to me that I create an inclusive line of products. Those who menstruate are not only people who identify as women, but also transgender and non-binary individuals. I want everyone to feel comfortable in this space and have access to period products they will love. While I do sometimes forget, I am working hard every day behind the scenes to make everyone feel welcome – after all, everyone is unique and should be celebrated as such.
Sam Duclos was kind enough to chat with me and offer suggestions on how I can create a judgement-free and inclusive environment (and products) so everyone feels safe and welcome. They will speak about periods and menstruation and the experience of those who are transgender, non-binary or gender neutral. I truly appreciate their willingness to help me navigate through this, and also teach all of you who may not know or understand it. Don’t let this be the only step in your quest for learning though – this is just the beginning! The responsibility for continued learning falls on us, so keep researching, reading and LISTENING to their voices!

A few words from Sam:

My lovely period-having people are here for you and we are listening. An inclusive line of products with transgender, non-binary, and gender nonconforming individuals is what we can offer to the community, and coming together to help bring awareness and education is always an important step in that process. Some people who menstrate may be wearing packers, some may want to bind their chests, especially during such a dysphoric time of month. All I ask is that you please do your research and be your safest self. Periods can cause a lot of dysphoria about the body we're in, and I, as a non-binary person, totally understand that feeling. It can be a heavy feeling, but we all want to feel like our best selves, and in these pads? I feel so much safer to be me, even with the dysphoria.

I want to hear from YOU, tell me how I can make your period a safer time. I'm only an email away!