Women have been bleeding from their vaginas since the first human walked on earth. Back then, the cavewomen probably walked around free bleeding because nobody told them it was gross and needed to hide that crap! 

Decades later, when they started judging each other, women used leaves, moss, bark, furs and just about anything they could stick in there undergarments to stop the blood from dripping down their legs around other cavewomen and men. 

Now, we use the dreaded..... dum dum dum! Disposable pad/tampon! 

When I started my period, I didn't know any other alternatives. Pads were already nasty and so I was strictly a tampon girl. I hated the itchy, sweaty, smelly feeling, not to mention the depressing grossness that followed all that. 

So why would reusable cloth pads be appealing in any way!!

Here are 3 things that may turn you off, but seriously, get over it. 

1: You're going to have to wash them, blood and all. 

I think the main reason why women aren't as excited as I am about cloth pads is because of the washing. The washing routine can be scary, but its super easy! Look, you don't even have to touch blood. You soak the pads then rinse and toss them in the wash! I promise, it's not a Carrie scene! 

Have you ever bled on your underwear? or sheets? What do you do with them? you wash them! It's no different. So you shouldn't care. 


2: You'll be carrying your dirty pads in your bag while you're at work. 

Yup, that's true. You'll have a little wet bag filled with your blood filled pads. 

BUT guess what, they wont smell! And the reason they won't smell is because there are no chemicals for the blood to mix with and get all stanky. I promise, nobody in your office will smell a thing. 

Nobody will hear you changing your pad, and nobody will smell a thing. So you shouldn't care.


3: Trial and error while figuring it out

Let's face it. With anything new comes a learning curve. You might have a few messes before you get the right absorbency and length for your flow. More so if you're heavy in flow. 

We suggest always bringing backup underwear for the first little bit, lots of pads until you trust them and an open mind to not quit if its not exactly working out right away. 

It can get messy, but you're life won't end if you bleed through your pants. You aren't the first and wont be the last. So you shouldn't actually care. 


In the end, cloth pads are simply more comfortable, breathable, ecofriendly and wayyyy cooler. Just give them a try and you'll see why women around the world are making the switch. 

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