5 Reasons To Make The Switch

5 Reasons To Make The Switch

Let’s face it. Women have it pretty rough right from the start. We get teased for developing breasts at a young age, growing pubic hair, getting acne, a horrific haircut, being too tall, being too short, to thin, to big, not losing your virginity at the same time as the other girls in your class. The list can go on forever. But one thing that’s extra hard on all young ladies is the dreaded period. 

Some young girls can start their period as young as 7 or 8 years old. At 7, that was the last thing I was thinking about. I was still playing dress up and barbies. I was still having fun being a kid! 

Since I’ve started my business creating reusable cloth pads, I’ve met many women of all ages that claim cloth pads have literally changed their lives for the better. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why they made the switch!


1. The fabrics are breathable, comfortable and adorable! 

Women have stated they cannot wait to get their period so they can pick out their favourite prints to wear first! Fabrics also play a big roll in comfort. You can find pads made from the softest fabrics such as minky, organic bamboo velour or flannelette. Your lady bits will thank you for giving them the most comfortable little pillow to go through it’s moon time. Also, fabrics are much more breathable then plastic. ( Disposables are made of 90% plastic. )

2. No chemicals, no smell.

One thing that can be extremely embarrassing during our period is smell. We are so worried someone will wrinkle their nose at our downunder stentch. We can assure you, using cloth pads eliminates that completely! The chemicals that are in disposable pads create the smell once they come into contact with our blood. Disposable pad companies then add a ton of fragrances to try and cover that up. Those fragrances are usually filled with Parabens and Phthalates. ( Which are known to cause damage to our kidneys, liver, lungs and reproductive systems ). 

3. Save your money for better things!

Like to save money? We spend upwards of $5,000 during our lifetime on disposable products for our period. Cloth pad starter kits can start as low as $60 and can easily last you 2 years or more. Think of all the things you can do with that extra money!!

4. Avoid discomfort from irritation, infections, inflammation. 

Many women claim they react to the plastics and chemicals in the disposable pads. The plastic can’t breath and that creates a problem for an area that’s going through an already stressful time. Things like irritations, chaffing and even vaginal infections have become a regular accurate for many women. But let me tell you a little secret.... it’s NOT normal. Cloth pads will help the area breath. The fabrics are soft so there is no chaffing. And the none existent chemicals will keep you free of vaginal infections. Some women have even stated their period is less heavy, and they get little to no cramping!!      ( Just that alone should make you want to switch! )

5. Empowerment

Thats right! Women who use cloth pads become more empowered, confident and open about their moon time. They get excited for their period. And they want to tell everyone why they’re excited about your period! Women who use cloth pads want their female entourage to feel the way they do. So they’ll preach about reusable pads until they’re blue in the face! 


If you’re interested in taking the plunge, feel free to search our product page. You can also read our othe blogs to get more information on sizes, absorbency and other things you may need clarification on. You can also contact us with questions or concerns you may have. 



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