Happy New Years Cloth Users!

Happy New Years Cloth Users!

2018 has come to an end! We enjoyed getting to know all of you and help you grow your cloth pad stash!

We wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that we will be working even harder to ensure you have top notch products available to you on our site. Things like makeup removers, cup spots, cup pouches, more pad wrappers, stain sticks, and of course.. PADS!!! More sizes and option such as liners, PUL lined pads, sleeper pads and extra long options! 

We also wanted to announce that we have a rewards program ready to use. You can easily earn Period Bucks and get free money to spend on the site! We'll also be revamping the Subscription Box (be announced sometime in January), so watch for that! (Just click on the red icon with a bag and heart so sign up and start earning!)

And lastly, we have extra help on our closed group page. Her name is Kristy and she will be helping us with answering comments, questions and concerns. 

You can join here:



We wish you all an amazing 2019! Take it by the horns! Menstruations do not need to be taboo or hush-hush. We are empowered women and we can own our shark week! 


Lady Crimson Team! 

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