Dusty Cabbage Roses Pique Topped , Washable Cloth Pad- SEVERAL SIZES

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These pads feature:

-3" Gusset (Crotch) Which is the average size for most people. 

-A wrap wing to offer great protection. 

-2 snap widths to help the pad fit perfectly! (kam snaps are plastic) NOTE: Liners and 8" moderates are at a 2.75" gusset and only have 1 snap width. 

-They come in a variety of lengths and absorbencies for just about any flow! 

Our pads have 3 layers

Layer 1. The top layer that goes against your skin.

Pique Topper - Polyester, stain resistant, wicks quickly, keeps you feeling dry and soft to the touch. Breathable and irritant free. 

Fabric Content: 100% polyester

Layer 2. The absorbent layer. The key layer for making these pads amazing!

Zorb Core- Here's the best part! : 

  • Innovative, super-absorbent hypoallergenic fabric uniquely engineered to rapidly capture and distribute moisture with superior holding capacity

  • 100% Free of PFOS, PFOA, lead, dioxins, heavy metals & BPA; Free from phthalates: contains no DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP and DnOP.

  • Absorbs 10 times its weight in under 2 seconds and soaks up 20 times faster than other materials (bamboo, cotton, hemp knits)

  • All Zorb fabrics are super absorbent by virtue of their knitting construction; they are not made with SAP (super absorbent polymers), so their super absorbency lasts for the lifetime of the fabric.


Layer 3. Most important layer! 

Soft shell fleece backer making the pad virtually waterproof! So you do not need to worry about leaking through these pads! 

Contents: 100% polyester


Why you should be making the switch! 

They are fragrant free, chemical free and plastic free (aside from the snaps).This means there’s little to no sweating, irritation and chafing when you wear reusable cloth pads. Some people are sensitive to the bleaching agents used to get disposable pads their pristine white color; switching to cloth pads is an immense relief to many people because of that. 


NOTE: Our pads are made printed side facing up. This is the side you menstruate on. The solid side is the liquid resistant side and needs to face towards your underwear. We know there are many different ways to create a pad, and if you've tried Amazon or "No Name" brands, they normally have the printed side facing your underwear. The printed fabric they use is a PUL and it waterproof. The problem this fabric can cause is making the pad slip around in the underwear. It could cause sweating and it won't decompose as well as a pad without that PUL layer. 

Our reusable menstrual cloth pads are made by hand. Keeping that in mind, they can have small imperfections. Note that the print may vary in colour and print placement.


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